House-Hasson Hardware dealers are using company-provided information and resources to put new life and immediacy into their printed advertising circulars while House-Hasson also helps them establish or expand their social media marketing presence.

House-Hasson, America’s largest regional independent hardware distributor, is featuring its program of customized advertising circulars and social media options for dealers at a seminar during House-Hasson’s dealer market scheduled for Feb. 10-12 at the Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, Tenn.

The seminar is scheduled for 5 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 10 in the Opryland Hotel’s Governor’s Chambers.

House-Hasson dealers now can design their own custom advertising circulars – featuring their store’s specials, products and featured items – and have them printed and mailed for substantially less cost than circulars mass produced and distributed the old-fashioned way.

“Circular advertising had grown stale,” said Don Hasson, president of House-Hasson. “What we’re offering to dealers is something really innovative that can be created for their needs and on their schedules.”

Working through Distribution America, of which House-Hasson is a part owner, the customized four or eight-page advertising circular program is available to all House-Hasson dealers.

“The problem has been that a standard circular simply doesn’t work for dealers in the 17 states we serve who may sell different products,” Hasson said. “The ability to customize is a competitive advantage.

“Dealers who participate in our program will be able to create their own circulars and other marketing tools exclusively for their stores,” Hasson added. “House-Hasson will provide

dealers with social media components to truly put their customer communications in the 21st century. “

Ron Yatteau, who heads House-Hasson’s computer communications operations, said in addition to circulars dealers can design their own flyers; newspaper ads; price cards; postcards; items of the month – whatever they want to emphasize.

Hasson said social media is a tool for local independent hardware dealers.

“Social media marketing is a new world for hardware store dealers and lumberyards to prosper against their competition, and House-Hasson wants to be their helper and partner in growing their businesses with this new technology,” Hasson said.

“We’re having great response from dealers,” Hasson added. “That’s why we decided to dedicate a seminar to the program at our February dealer market. “

At the dealer market House-Hasson will supply free demographic information to dealers so that they can better identify their customers by location, income levels and other data.