Meeting a Community Need

 Steve McCants has been in the construction industry for a number of years, doing grading and site work. His most recent site work is his most ambitious project yet.

McCants, his wife Gail and her sister […]

Getting a New Store Up and Running

No matter how much work you think it takes to open a hardware store, it takes more. Sam Yoder learned that the hard way, although he wasn’t exactly surprised. The Amish retailer learned he could […]

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions please contact us.

Can you make online payments?
Yes. you can make online payments by clicking here

What are your company’s basic requirements to work with a customer?
A retailer with a retail sales floor area, inventory maintained for resale and a minimum of $36,000 in purchases from House-Hasson per year.

How much or do I have to invest in stock purchases to do business with House-Hasson?
None. Zero. No stock purchases are necessary to do business with House-Hasson.

Does House-Hasson charge national advertising fees, franchise fees, etc.?
We do not have a national advertising fee, franchise fees, or hidden fees.

Does House-Hasson communicate with my point of sale (POS) system?
We communicate electronically with many POS systems and add new systems weekly. We have several POS experts to help a customer get their POS system operating profitably.

How do I receive my rebates from House-Hasson?
Our rebates are paid in cash each year at our January Market for the previous year’s purchases.

How often will I see my House-Hasson salesman?
We have territory managers supported by regional managers in our customer’s markets. Customers decide how often they want a salesman to visit. Typically customers prefer to be visited from once a week to once a month.

How many SKUs does House-Hasson stock?
House-Hasson stocks over 50,000 items in our warehouses. We have drop ship bill-through programs with over 1,500 vendors.

How competitive are your prices?
We have very competitive prices compared to the co-ops and large independent distributors. Additionally, our buying department continuously checks the big box’s prices and we supply products at competitive retail prices to enable our dealers to compete and win. Some products are so competitive we give them away so stores can compete even more effectively.

Do you have a LBM department?
Yes. House-Hasson has highly experienced brokers to help customers quickly obtain quotes. We also stock many building supply products available for weekly delivery with your order, delivered by House-Hasson trucks.

What is your service level?
House-Hasson consistently provides our customers with a 96% unit service level fill rate with a virtually non-existent error rate.

If you have any additional questions please contact us.