Social media is today an indispensable component of the marketing equation.

House-Hasson Hardware’s Feb. 10-12 Dealer Market at Nashville’s Opryland Hotel was the largest in company history, with House-Hasson’s social media program for dealers drawing most interest of any of multiple seminars presented at the market.

The market required 200,000 square feet of exhibit space to handle additional vendors, booths and pallet buys, an increase of 20,000 square feet over 2010’s event.

“Our markets have been consistently growing,” said Don Hasson, president of the 104-year-old company. “We’re certainly pleased about that along with the interest dealers had in our social media efforts for them.”

The social media seminar was conducted by Ron Yatteau, House-Hasson computer communications chief, and Kim Gibbs, advertising manager.

“Our dealers’ understanding is growing exponentially of how social media can make them more competitive with the big boxes and profitable in attracting new customers and keeping existing ones,” Hasson said. “Social media is today an indispensable component of the marketing equation.”

More than 700 dealers attended the market, a 20 percent increase over 2010.

“We saw a corresponding increase in sales volume,” said Mike Woolf, House-Hasson’s

vice president of sales. “We had a lot of interest in our new customized flyer feature, which enables a dealer to produce and print a professional-looking flyer. They can distribute it via social media or by having it printed. They have full control.”