For fifty years House Hasson has supported the United Way.

House-Hasson renewed it’s commitment to the local community and United Way.  “For fifty years House-Hasson has supported the United Way” Said Don Hasson.  Don Hasson also said “House Hasson will match employees contributions to the United Way”

Robin Wilhoit of WBIR tv spoke at the event.  Robin charmed the audience with a humorous story about mistakes that have been made on live tv that she can now laugh about.  She also told real life stories of the impact the YWCA has made on women in Knoxville.  She called for everyone to give what they can in light of the tough economic conditions.

Ron Yatteau, who organizes the House Hasson United Way week, thanked everyone for their past contributions and gave an extra thanks to Dick Morgan.  “Dick Morgan has stayed up over night for 10 years cooking barbeque for the Friday United Way Cookout and I wanted thank him for his service” Said Ron Yatteau.


The Final Speaker Was Robert H. Sherrod with the United Way who thanked House Hasson and it’s employees for years of giving.