We want our dealers to always have premier programs. said Ron Yatteau

House-Hasson Hardware has inaugurated a new dealer-exclusive website, etoolbox.net, which enables dealers to order online and get real-time updates about House-Hasson’s more than 55,000 products.

Etoolbox.net was created in response to customer requests, said Don Hasson, the company’s president.

“We want our dealers to always have premier programs,” Hasson said. “We talked to them about what they wanted, needed and would like, and created etoolbox.net to give them more tools, features and benefits.”

The etoolbox.net website replaces a previous House-Hasson system called CD Toolbox.

“Our goal is dealer profitability,” Hasson said. “Our etoolbox.net website improves the ability of dealers to find information they want and to order the products they need for their customers, two important aspects of helping them be more profitable.”