a higher number of conversions to House-Hasson from other distributors than we normally see.

House-Hasson Hardware held one of its most successful summer dealer markets in the company’s 104-year history, apparently in part because of the weakened U.S. economy, says the company’s leader.

“We had considered that this market might be under attendance pressure principally because of the economy; however, it was one of the bigger summer markets we’ve ever had,” said Don Hasson, the company’s president. “We had a great many new dealers and frankly, a higher number of conversions to House-Hasson from other distributors than we normally see at a market.”

Some 1,200 people and 1,000 vendors attended House-Hasson’s “All-Star Dealer Market,” held July 15-17 in Cincinnati, Ohio. More than 1,600 hotel rooms were required for the event.

Hasson said there’s no question that dealers are more cautious in light of the weak economy, “But it appears the economy is motivating entrepreneurial-minded people to seek economic independence and personal growth by opening or expanding their own businesses with support from our company, which has a 104-year track record of success.”

Economic realities were reflected in the market activities that brought the highest level of dealer interest, said Mike Woolf, House-Hasson’s vice president of sales.  “Dealers really took advantage of deep discounted specials, bookings, seasonal buys and programs to help them compete in their trade areas,” Woolf said.

House-Hasson’s private label, Hardware House, is a new company addition that drew significant dealer interest at the market, Woolf said. Hardware House offers thousands of high quality home décor products.

The market included a Cincinnati Reds vs. Colorado Rockies game at Cincinnati’s Great American Ballpark.

“We want people who come to our markets to have a valuable business experience and also have some fun,” Don Hasson said.

House-Hasson’s next dealer market is scheduled for Oct. 7 – 9 in Gatlinburg, Tenn. For information, contact Mike Woolf at mwoolf@househasson.com.

Source: NRHA