House Hasson’s United Way Fundraiser

The second week in October is always a special week for the employees at House Hasson Hardware at Forks of the River Industrial Park. They have an annual fund drive to raise money for the […]

House Hasson’s Annual United way Week

House Hasson Hardware and it’s employees raised $63,000 for the United Way of Knoxville

Paperless Workflow

Go Green

Work faster, smarter, greener! House-Hasson’s Go Green Program will profit your business and:

  • Operate more environmentally friendly
  • Reduce costs of paper, printers, copiers, fax machines, etc.
  • Eliminate filing cabinets and reclaim space
  • Access your information faster from anywhere
  • Saves trees!

House-Hasson’s switch to a paperless workflow process helps to lower our distribution costs for our customers. Choosing to go paperless, you’ll be able to conduct all your business with House-Hasson electronically.  This cloud-based workflow links your in-house Point-of-Sale system and your business email to our computer systems.  There’s no need to wait for that document to arrive in the mail. Simply go to and your documents will be one click away. Simple, fast and secure!

Paperless workflow process

Electronic Orders

Electronic Orders

Send in Orders using cipherlab, web, or POS computer.

Insta Notice

Insta Notification

Notification on website or email that order has been received.

Electronic Invoice

Electronic Invoice

Receive an electronic invoice via web, email, or POS.

Electronic Check-in

Electronic Check-in

Orders in electronically using, Cipherlab, or POS.

Electronic Statements

Electronic Statments

Receive Statement via email and make payments on-line @

Electronic Returns

Electronic Returns

Process all your credits and returns on-line @