Retail Profit Management program from House-Hasson

Independent hardware stores, lumber dealers, home centers and farm stores can keep their stores interesting and fresh if they are updated every five years. House-Hasson can be your partner for updates based on market changes, opening a new facility in a different market, or expanding your present location.

House-Hasson has the marketing tools within the RPM program to help you create your update plan. New store and remodels have significant vendor incentives available for this program. RPM is offered in a menu format, enabling our customers to pick and choose what they want in their stores.

Our market-specific business plan for you will review:

  1. Information on your market and its demographics.
  2. Comparing your market position to your key competitors.
  3. Your five-year financial pro-forma, reviewed by our CFO: a two-page template in excel to review owner’s expenses and five-year investment performance.
  4. Demographics for your trade area revealing specific categories at present as well as a five-year projection.
  5. A pricing strategy RPS that introduces a variable pricing program plan. It also provides recommendations to make you more competitive on sensitive items and to produce more margin on less sensitive items. Additionally, a template will suggest margin improvements by nine different sensitivity codes.
  6. A space and product assortment planning program RMS that compares your assortments and space to those of your key competitors and makes improvement recommendations.
  7. A recommended advertising program to promote your store’s breadth of inventory.
  8. A detailed store design plan with departments, core assortments, fixtures, décor, and a process to increase market share by maximizing the retail sales area with the least amount of disruption to your business.

For more information on RPM, RPS, RMS contact David Helfenberger at 800 333 0520 ext. 203-or