Print vs. Digital

Use both to reach every age group in your target audience.

All-Inclusive Promotion Program


Get noticed by customizing your ad with company information and unique themes. Templates are available 24/7 for your special events, in-store promotions, and more! Stay competitive by quickly creating these ads for your store.

AdStudio® can help you create many customized options. These options are as follows: coupons, custom circulars, flyers, postcards, price cards, and XpressAds.

This program features AdViewer, which can link ads to your website, e-mail campaigns, and social media pages. The enhanced analytics will also help evaluate ad performance.


Retail signs are the first and last thing customers see when they visit your store. Customize to help them remember.

Create promotional signs, price cards, posters, and more! Need to make a bunch of signs at one time? That’s great! This program makes it super easy. Just upload a spreadsheet of product information!

Choose from a variety of colors and backgrounds. Also, customize even more with promotional images, pricing, and dates.

Digital Deals

If you’re signed up for our Advertising Program, there’s no cost for Digital Deals.

Every month, pre-merchandised items will be listed on this four-page ad. Order merchandise by logging onto; receive special pricing and dating. From there, we’ll send an interactive flipbook link to your email.

Promote these deals anywhere customers find your store in the digital world. This could be through email campaigns, social media, or your website!

Customers can swipe/click through to find some amazing savings!


Staying consistent with your messages through print and digital campaigns makes them more effective in reaching your target audience. XpressAds can be used for both. The two-page flyer can be customized to fit your needs or ordered standard.

Every month, you’ll receive an email with a link. This link will give you access to the XpressAds flyer, along with price cards for each item listed. Special pricing and dating available.

For print, we have competitive pricing available through our office.

For digital, this flyer can be posted to your website/social media pages and used for your email campaigns.

Standard & Custom Circulars

Standard Circulars are pre-merchandised for a fast and easy way to promote your store. The imprint will be printed in black. Additional benefits: offered 12 times a year, four pages (available upon request: eight pages), large imprint area for logo and contact information, four-color photo images, and Unbeatable Deal (featured on front cover).

With Custom Circulars, you can “build your own” to showcase your store and products. The imprint can be printed in four colors. Additional benefits: offered 12 times a year, four pages (available upon request: eight pages), large imprint area for logo and contact information, four-color photo images, and Unbeatable Deal (featured on front cover). Also, these circulars are fully customizable with more colors, themes, and backgrounds; plus you can pick your own items, format, and best values.

Social Media Starters

Receive emails about already made content, posting suggestions, and weekend project ideas. Also, if you need help creating business accounts, please reach out to us. There is no cost to participate.

Calendar available every month, filled with content ideas, including holidays, national days, and more! Also, find links to informative articles.

Graphic and written content available every month as well. The graphics can be used to promote your in-store services, products, etc. And our team will also create written content to go with your graphics. This way you can concentrate on running your store, without spending hours coming up with engaging content.

In-Store Signage Kits

Circular Trim Kit themes to match your circulars and sales, along with demographic mapping reports.

Unbeatable Deal Kit is featured on front cover of circulars, perfect for monthly end-cap specials, and included every month with circular trim kits. Kit includes: (2) large theme window banners, (4) medium theme banners, (4) service banners, (1) Unbeatable Deal large feature item card, (1) Unbeatable Deal large window banner, (1) Unbeatable Deal statement stuffer, and (1 – each item) price cards.

Special Event Kits are also available. Kits have colorful, easy-to-read signs for your special events. Choose from Grand Opening, Grand Re-Opening, Anniversary Sale, Customer Appreciation Event, and more!

Koozie Group Calendars

Your imprint will always be visible. This is a great way to use repetitive advertising to your advantage because not only will customers be reminded of your business on a daily basis, but the pictures will also create a calming presence as they keep track of important dates throughout the year.

Customers will appreciate your nice gesture, and this will encourage them to do business with you again.

Themes include: american splendor, beaches, gardens, lighthouses, muscle cars, scenic almanac, and wildlife art.

Stick-Up Calendars are a super cute way to advertise your business! These can be displayed in a variety of spots because of their smaller size (w = 3” and h = 4”) and adhesive backs. Your imprint will be the theme of these calendars.

We chose to do an every other month program 4-page flyer this year. The format is easy to work with, and I customize much of my flyer to sell items we stock in our store regularly. Kim and her team at House-Hasson always help find up-to-date pictures of items and descriptions for what I request. I also take advantage of the items that are standard in the flyer that are good deals in the circular order form. Sometimes the flyers give me ideas of items that I should be stocking, especially seasonal items. The sale flyers keep our name out there in the community. We direct mail our flyers and post on Facebook and our website to get the word out about each of our sales. The digital format of the flyer allows potential customers to click on items and see them up close. It is very professional looking. We also find that many people in our community come in with the paper version of their flyer, with all of the items circled that they would like to purchase. We definitely see more foot traffic during flyer weeks! (Flyer Review)

Kelly W. (OH)