House-Hasson’s cutting-edge technology makes things easier for dealers and helps boost their profitability.

House-Hasson’s Etoolbox customer website portal is an easily searchable catalog, ordering system, price management tool, reporting system, and document management system. Also, dealers can find product specials to help increase their profitability. Etoolbox is your complete business management system.


The CipherLab handheld device can be used to create orders. Then, dealers can send those orders to Etoolbox for review and checkout. After order delivery, the CipherLab can be used to scan product quantities for order check-in and then send back to Etoolbox for review. It’s a valuable resource to have at House-Hasson’s markets because CipherLab can scan almost everything available to order. Your store will get the best pricing and a printed report of your market order for your records.

House-Hasson's handheld cipher device scanning hardware sku numbers
P.O.S. Systems

House-Hasson communicates with over 30 point-of-sale (P.O.S.) systems and continues to add more systems to ensure dealers can order, receive, and maintain their inventory efficiently. We provide data for P.O.S. systems that have gone through steps to integrate with us. However, we’re capable of providing necessary and limited data per request to non-integrated companies. In today’s world, having a P.O.S. system greatly improves your store’s efficiency, accuracy, and profits — helping you stay ahead of the competition.

Systems in Place for Your Store

House-Hasson’s systems make all aspects of conducting business efficient. Orders can be placed using CipherLab portable scanners, Etoolbox, P.O.S. systems, or through a salesperson. When an order is placed and processed, you’re notified of item status via email, Etoolbox, or P.O.S. download. Once House-Hasson’s truck arrives at your store, most orders can be checked in through the CipherLab scanner and/or electronically through the P.O.S. system. Our pricing systems give you the power and flexibility to know your store is priced right. Invoices, credits, returns, statements, and payments are electronic and streamlined. House-Hasson’s workflow solutions free up hours of your work week, allowing you to spend more time where it matters — with your customers.

Hardware store employee using House-Hasson's point of sale system