House-Hasson’s Cutting-Edge Technology makes things easier for the Dealer and helps boost Dealer Profitability

House-Hasson’s customer website portal is a catalog that is easily searchable, an ordering system, a price management tool, a reporting system to help show you what you might be missing and what you need in order to increase your profitability, and a document management system along with all specials available. It is your complete business management system. With we’ve got you covered.

Cipher Lab

With this handheld device you can easily walk your store and scan all the items you want to order, then connect this to your computer and your order is easily uploaded onto the for review before being sent in to House-Hasson. The cipher lab can also be used for receiving orders in as well as a variety of other functions. It is a very valuable resource to have at our markets because almost everything available to order at the markets you can scan on your cipher lab, get best pricing, and print a report when you are done ordering.

House-Hasson's handheld cipher device scanning hardware sku numbers
POS Systems

House-Hasson communicates with over 30 point-of-sale (POS) systems and is continually adding different systems to communicate with to make sure dealers can order, receive and maintain their inventory efficiently. In today’s environment, having a POS system can greatly improve your efficiency, accuracy, and profits. Having one is almost necessary to stay ahead of the competition. House-Hasson strives to make your experience between your system and us as smooth and effective as possible.

Systems in Place for You
House-Hasson’s systems make all aspects of conducting business efficient. Orders can be placed using portable scanners, our website, POS systems or by a salesman. When an order is placed and processed you are notified of its status via email, website or POS download. When our trucks arrive with your order you have everything you need to receive the order via portable scanners or your POS system. Our pricing systems give you the power and flexibility to know you are priced right. It is all automated. Invoices, credits, returns, statements and payments are all electronic and streamlined. House-Hasson workflow solutions free up hours out of your work week, allowing you to spend more time where it matters—with your customers.
Hardware store employee using House-Hasson's point of sale system